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Thank you to all the loyal BLUESPRING customers! We are always proud when our wonderful customers take the time to share their testimonials with us.
Please read some of our testimonials.

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I have been using Emu Oil as a moisturizer for a little over 3 months. All over my face. First of all I have always been mostly concerned about the lines and wrinkles under my eyes. Since I was 23, I have been using various products that all give their promises to eliminating wrinkles. I am now 48. But nothing has ever worked. I even started getting Botox 2 years ago. And still I didn't get the results I was looking for. Until now. This Emu oil has softened the lines and wrinkles under my eyes to the point that I can actually see a huge difference. And I am not going back to Botox. It has even softened my crows feet. I had a girl come up to me at work and ask if I had surgery? (Because I had talked about it before.) I love Emu Oil.

My husband has just started to use Emu Oil along his forehead he seems to have psoriasis along his hairline. Also my daughter Sam had her appendix out in August, so we are going to see how Emu Oil works on her scars. I will keep in touch and let you know their results as well. I can't say enough about Emu Oil.

Thank You,


One evening while pressing clothers for work the next day, Tammy who works in our office, accidently burned her face with the iron. We gave her your Emu Oil to apply to the burn and by the next morning the redness and brown coloring was completely gone and her face whas healed.

Susie-Oklahoma City

I look forward to trying your product. I have been using Emu Oil for years, but from another supplier...who I believe uses "local" oil. I recently went to a plastic surgeon to schedule a procedure on my face. In talking to him, I wondered about having a scar on my abdomen removed...he took a look and said quite loudly, oh my gosh, you say you are 57??? The skin on your stomach is so elastic!!! So...the message is that something I have been doing (along with good genetics) has preserved the elasticity of my skin. Here's hoping that since your oil is superior, so will the results be!


I just want to tell you “Thanks”, for putting me onto Bluespring Pure Emu Oil for my dogs. I have a terrier mix, Sammi, and she is 13 years old and I started putting a teaspoon twice a day on her food. I started this In February and the results are just amazing. Sammi has arthritis and cancer and all she did was lie around and I was just trying to get up the courage to put her to sleep when you told me to try Emu Oil. Sammi is now running and playing with my other pup Sassi. Sammi’s quality of life had improved so much. She doesn’t just lie around anymore, granted she only can play for a few minutes at a time but she is so much better than before. I am not going to have to put her to sleep anytime soon now.

Thank you so much and Sammi thanks you also!


I don't know how many users of pure emu oil use it as a facial moisturizer but it's the best! After I use only 2-3 drops on my face, I rub the rest on my lips then rub that into my palms and into my hair. Talk about multi-tasking one treatment! I can't stand how much I love this product! Please pass on the information. I'm sure everyone will be suprised how so little can do so much.


Patti-New York

I have a story to tell you about the miracle of your products! In Dec. I got bit by a spider (unidentified) near my L eye with immediate cellulitis, extreme pain, redness & intense itching. I started using the Pure Emu Oil on it with wonderful results. It kept the peeling of my skin under control & everything else at livable level with a shorter recovery period. Thank you so much for your products and I give you permission to use this to help people know there IS something that REALLY works!

Patti-New York

Several years ago my husband make a mis-step & fell down 12 steps on his cocic bone…..needless to say it was very painful & he had an 8” diameter bruise. His doctor told him the bruise would last at least 6 months and the discomfort would also be quite a while to go away. Well, we began applying Emu oil immediately – a few times each day – (giving God the top credit) the healing was amazing – the bruise turned all colors and was gone within a month, with NO discomfort…. Absolutely wonderful product!



About five years ago during my semi-annual visit, my dentist informed me that I had gum disease. I had deep pockets between my teeth and my gums were swollen and bleeding. My dentist recommended that I see a periodontist.

Being somewhat of a coward at the thought of surgery in my mouth, and somewhat poor, I asked what could be done to at least postpone the visit to the periodontist, and the surgery that was sure to follow. His suggestion was floss, floss, floss and come in for teeth cleaning every 3 months. Well... I have followed the second half of his suggestion religiously. Enough said!

My gums have gotten better over the years, but not to the satisfaction of my dentist. My gums were still bleeding about halfway between my visits, and I still had some deep pockets. But not anymore! My last visit to the dentists (May 2, 1997) left both the technician that cleans my teeth, and my dentist, who looks me over when she is done, just amazed.

My gums did not bleed during the cleaning for the first time, and when the dentist prodded around my gums, even he couldn't get them to bleed. He kept commenting on how "firm" my gums were, and that he couldn't find any deep pockets anymore.

"What have you been doing?" asked my dentist. I replied with a big, clean smile, "I've been brushing every day with emu oil!"

To say that he had a puzzled look on his face is an understatement. I explained about what emu oil is, and that my husband and I raise these birds. I told him that every day I put a drop of emu oil on my toothpaste, and brush. That's it. He said he is going to have to look into this emu oil.

Who knows where this could lead? I can see dentists giving free 1/2 oz. samples to patients with bad gums. I can even see a major toothpaste company with a new "gum care toothpaste" with emu oil. With all the medical studies being done with emu oil, let's get the dental industry involved too! If it worked for me, it's surely working for other people.


Flew for 30 years as a Flight Attendant for United. Loved working the galley position most of all-except that it turned me into the National Poster Child for Ceratoid Scars, obviously from the burns I sustained from the oven racks. Resulting from one such 2nd deg. Burn, a colleague rewarded me with a teensy little pot of Pure Emu Oil she was selling to use on the wicked burn. I began applying it liberally during my 2 day layover in Japan and - VOILA - it was a scab and healing by the time I returned and was totally healed a week later. Astounding!!

When I was in Australia In September, it was a hunt to the finish for the product and found it at a soap shop in a little village. The man selling it had skin that looked as if he had had plastic surgery - told me to use it on my face. After 3 months, this 61 year old skin had pores that gave off no grime on the astringent pad after I had washed it and the lines are smoothing. Clearly, skin damage is healing.

When I use up what I bought in Australia I'll be ordering!


Just was using the "stuff' last night as a matter of fact!! ( I have to use it sparingly to save it!!) I am crazy about it. Is it still good when it gets runny though? I got a tough microdermabrasion and I slap that stuff on my face the second I got home because I know the emu lotion for that is the best for baby skin. I actually burned my face pretty badly after a micro-then putting bleaching cream on too soon, so I used that diligently 3 times a day afterwards. It would have been a lot worse if it wasnt for the daily emu and moisturizers.

Thanks, and I am headed to Tulsa tomorrow for my high school reunion, was there in July and saw a store I think on Memorial that sold it. I was happy to see it. Take care and the very best of luck to you. And yes, my family all loved the "stuff'. I even think my two sister in laws ordered more from you when they ran out last year. One has a lot of sundamage, the other one is whiter than white and cant get any sun. It helped them out greatly.

Take care!!!



I'v seen you on T.V. on Sunday morning while I am getting ready for Sunday School. For weeks I've felt like I was suppose to write and tell you how much I like the Emu Oil and the Peach facial moisturizer. I use the Emu Oil directly on my skin when the weather is cold . Its great for dry chapy skin in the winter. I started using it last year. A friend that worked for you gave it to me as a gift. The emu oil is wonderful for dry skin. I never leave it at home when we go snow skiing. I wish you would design a make up line with the Emu Oil added to the make-up. I would buy it in a heart beat. If you ever decide to design a make-up line let me know. I would love to permote it. I also use the peach facial cream. Its great. I have been giving Super Blue Stuff to my Aunt who is 89 years old and she says it relieves her knee pain. She has used 3 jars and I plan on giving it as a Christmas Gift this year. Keep up the Great work. I am so glad God gave you this Idea.

Pam S.

The stories listed on this page are third party testimonials. All testimonials are unsolicited and are not claims made by BLUESPRING in accordance with the FDA but actual stories from our customers. We are so grateful that you take the time to tell us how great our products work and the differences they make in your lives.

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